Jomin Co., Ltd. researches and strives continuously to provide the quality shopping bags and packages thinking about customer satisfaction only for 20 years.

Jomin is a company specialized in manufacturing and distributing shopping bags and packages.

Received the order directly from the customer, we produce and deliver directly diverse products
from color box, rigid box (set-up box), to shopping bag, etc.
All these processes are proceeded and managed en bloc, through which we provide the benefit of high quality product
and saving the time and cost to the customer.
This is the strength of Jomin Co., Ltd. and is the driving power that
we could achieve rapid growth compared with various company in this business.

We, Jomin Co., Ltd., will always be at your side as a strong business partner of customer.
Through the quality of the product that we insisted so far, knowledge and experience,
we promise you to provide the services that you can satisfy.

CEO Cho Gwang-Soon